23 Year Old with Chronic Pain/Sleep Issues

I have chronic pain from endometriosis as well as insomnia that I’ve experienced since I was a kid. I chose to medicate with cannabis to be able to rely on a much safer pain relief
alternative for my pain from endometriosis than the narcotics & NSAIDs I was taking regularly prior to discovering cannabis. Also to be able to rely on a safer solution for my insomnia, since I experienced frightening hallucinations as a side effects of the sleeping medications I was prescribed prior to discovering how effective cannabis is for insomnia.

The customer service as Trill is truly outstanding and one of the reasons I absolutely love Trill (product quality, selection and price are also outstanding). Lizzy was so patient working with me throughout the sleep study and introduced me to some products that I have found incredibly helpful for sleeping soundly at night, something I only rarely experienced prior to working with Lizzy.

Ally has always gone above and beyond to assist me with discovering strains and trying different products to best alleviate some of my chronic pain from endometriosis. When I am in pain, it is a huge relief to know that there is a place I can go to with such a knowledgeable, kind staff. If there is a specific strain or product that I’m looking for that is not in stock, there has always been an offer from a staff member to write down my name and number and to give me a call when the item I’m looking for is back in stock (and I actually got the call!)

After trying many different products with varying makeups of cannabinoids, I’ve found that a heavy indica live resin (both Viola’s and The Lab’s) works extremely well for my insomnia. It’s very potent and I feel as though the terpenes that are left in live resin that are blasted out of other extracts, potentially act in harmony with the cannabinoids and provide me with more effective, long-lasting effects than other extracts (aka “The Entourage Effect”).

It’s a product I probably wouldn’t have tried if it had not been suggested to me during the sleep program, and I am able to quickly and easily fall asleep and stay asleep most nights with just a small dab right before bed. I also used to experience restless legs while I was sleeping, Lizzy suggested that I rub some Miss Mary Jane’s Medicinal’s pain salve onto my calves before bed – which I found to be very effective with reducing how much I kick during the night. More than once, on nights that I have forgotten to apply the salve, my husband will wake me up and ask, “Did you put your cannabis cream on?

You’re kicking like crazy!” so it is truly a noticeable difference. I sleep very well now most nights with the combination of live resin and pain salve on my legs! The live resin has also been one of the few products I’ve found that truly helps alleviate some of my endometriosis – related pain and avoid narcotics, so I always make sure I have some around when my pain levels are high.

Ally has recently been working with me to find possible solutions to my endometriosis pain that has been much worse than usual lately, so I’m only beginning to see some effects from the products I’ve been testing. Vaporizing 0.1g of AC/DC CO2 oil (3:1 CBD:THC) topped with a small amount of a heavy indica live resin seemed to help alleviate some of my worst pain recently.

This was pain that was untouched by narcotics and NSAIDs, so any relief was seriously impressive. It was also extremely helpful in relieving the nausea the pain was causing me – dabbing the oil was perfect since I was having a very hard time eating anything with such high pain levels. I’ve also found Miss Mary Jane’s Medicinal’s hash bath and pain salve to be extremely helpful for general aches and pains like headaches or sore muscles.

If I start to feel a tension headache coming on, I will rub the pain salve into each temple and into my neck – most of the time this will stop the headache from even developing fully. The hash bath and pain salve is also very soothing for my pain related to endometriosis; many times I will take a warm hash bath that opens up my pores, and then apply the pain salve to any painful areas for mild to moderate relief.

I use live resin and pain salve nightly for a restful night’s sleep, and I’m still trying to find
products for better pain relief for my endometriosis since it has worsened. Each cycle I tend to come in quite desperate and try several new products – the AC/DC CO2 oil combined with indica live resin seems promising and may be a combination I continue to try for my pain. I am in the midst of a pretty painful endometriosis flare-up that may require surgery next year, but otherwise, quite healthy!

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