42-Year-Old Female – Autoimmune Disorders

I am a 42 year old active woman who lives to hike and run. I suffer from an unknown Auto-Immune Disease that attacks my own body with symptoms that mimic Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Fibromyalgia, Vertigo and Arthritis. My grandmother, my mother, my sister, my aunt, me and my daughter all suffer from this unknown disease. I, as well as the other women in my family, have dealt with this problem most of our lives.

It became debilitating at age 37 when I found myself bedridden for almost 3 months. It was then that I made up my mind that no matter what I was going to conquer this unknown curse until I was the one controlling it, no longer it controlling me. Today is a great day!

I am a huge holistic/natural health advocate, and find that the use of cannabis is right up my alley for an avenue of treatment and healing. This is why I moved to Colorado so I could pursue the medical cannabis industry to its fullest opportunity.

In my opinion the best CBD delivery system currently offered is through a product by PURxpressions called CBD Hemp Oil (300mg CBD per bottle) – Etheric Delivery Liposomes. For my condition I need both the pain reliever of the CBD oil, and the anti-immflamatory properties of THC-A (Re-Leaf 600mg THC-A).

Both products I purchase from the friendly staff at Trill. I believe that currently Trill is the only dispensary offering this particular CBD oil.

I use both products at the same time (including THC) about 2-3 times per day when days are good, and 3-4 times per day when the pain increases or becomes less manageable.

PURxpressions CBD Hemp Oil (300 mg per bottle – etheric delivery liposomes)

· Oral: 1-2 Sprays for Mild to Moderate Pain

· Oral: 3-4 Sprays for Moderate to Severe Pain

· Directions: Hold under tongue 1 minute then swallow.

· Dose: Take 2-4 times per day depending on need

· Use: Pain Reliever

Re-Leaf THC-A (600mg per bottle – 1.08mg per drop)

· Oral: 5-10 Drops for Mild to Moderate Pain

· Oral: 10-20 + Drops for Moderate to Severe Pain

· Directions: Hold under tongue 1 minute then swallow.

· Dose: Take 2-4 times per day depending on need

· Use: Anti-Immflamatory

I mix my own THC with these two products. I have used them in conjunction with flower, vape pens and edibles. These products will work on their own. However when combined   with THC they do work immensely better than when THC is excluded from each treatment.

In my personal opinion I feel like what makes these work best is actually smoking flower through a pipe, bong or joint. I know this is not considered the most healthy way to consume cannabis, but it works like a charm every time. If you need to be a little more functional or health-conscious then I suggest using a vaporizer/vape pen to smoke your flower. The Pax2 and OpenVape both provide a wonderful experience. Edibles in my opinion make me the least functional, and I find it hard to get anything productive done due to their natural tendency to make me a little spacey or sleepy. I am not a user of bubble hash, wax or shatter so I am unfortunately unable to give any testimony as to how CBD and THC-A work with these particular products.

Since I have been using this trifecta of THC, CBD and THC-A I have noticed about an 80-
85% decrease in my pain levels. I am able to workout more often, longer and harder as my body seems to be able to take more of a beating than before. I don’t hurt during exercise, and I’m not wiped out afterwards either. I bounce back and recover very quickly. I am able to work on most things longer with little to no pain during or afterwards in my neck, shoulder and back areas. I’m also in a much more happy, energetic and stress free mood because my body is not hurting so bad all the time. This has completely changed my life in so many beneficial ways. I am so very thankful for all of Trill’s help when I am selecting my medical cannabis products.

They are extremely knowledgeable, always point me in the right direction and are eager to help in any way they can to bring about a more pain free lifestyle.

Thank You Trill – You’re Just What I Needed

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