54 YEAR OLD FEMALE – Medical Cannibis – Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain
Sex: F
Age: 54

I am a 54-year-old woman who became disabled from a rear end auto accident at the age of 35. I’ve been recovering ever since. Cannabis has been instrumental in my recovery and on-going well being. I started using it when a wheel chair bound friend from Jamaica offered to share some with me.

It immediately helped with my chronic pain, muscle tension, spasms and stress. My doctor gave me a prescription for medical marijuana and I was able to wean off of the many pharmaceutical medicines I was on which can have dangerous side effects and unknown interactions when taken in combination with other pharmaceuticals.

One of the biggest resasons I prefer using cannabis over pharmaceuticals is not only its effectiveness but the side effects are minimal and safe. The most that I have experienced is a sense of silliness, an increase in appetite and increaese in energy or a need to sleep.

Having used the pharmaceuticalversion of cannabis known as Marinol I can say that I would often experience a headache as the medicine wore off. This has not happened with the natural plant version of cannabis.

Trill Alternatives has been great as assisting me in learning about and utilizing the different forms and uses. I’ve had severe nerve pain and tooth loss and was advised to put hash oil directly on my gums which stops the pain.

They also suggested a liquid sleep aid for my insomnia which has helped. Customer service is excellent and bud tenders are very knowledgeable. They always have a large supply of medicine in many different forms at various prices and montly specials.

My primary ways of utlizing cannabis are flower, hash and patches. Vaporizing is best for me given I have lung/sleep apnea symptoms and am a “heavy weight” due to chronic pain. The best thing about smoking or vaporizing is that I know when I’ve gotten a good dose because I don’t want or need any more. I’ve found the dosing with edibles to be much tricker and if I get too much I’ll just fall asleep and sleep great.

Mary’s patches have been instrumental in helping me to medicate and stay medicated longer and in public. THCA gives me lots of energy and comfort in my body. I usually use 2 or more patches at a time given my chronic conditions.

I especially like using a sativa and indica patch together which alleviates all of my symptoms for hours. CBN patches have been extremely helpful with relaxation and sleep. CBD has helped with muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome and many other symptoms.

Hash dabs have been miraculous for me. I’ve had 2 closed head injuries, fibroomyalgia, migraines and chronic pain from spinal cord injuries which leaves me energetically depleted. A lot of times there are things that I need or want to do but I am unable due to exhaustion and or pain.

After doing hash dabs I am energized, no longer in pain and easily able to do things. This is amazing to me and I am so thankful to be able to utilize the benefits of this plant. Cannabis has allowed me to start having a life again and feel good in my body once again.

From my personal expereinces with the healing effects of cannabis now see it as a medicine rather than a “street drug” as I was led to believe. I’m excited to continue to learn more and more ways in which cannabis is helpful and healing.

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