62 YEAR OLD MALE – Cancer – Medical Cannabis

Sex: Male Age: 63

I have a history of cancer. I got seminoma cancer 35 years ago and was treated with surgery and radiation. Right after that I got choriocarcinoma cancer and was given one week of chemotherapy for 26 months. Then 35 years later I got papillary stage 4 cancer in the thyroid and lymph nodes. The oncologist told me he thought this papillary cancer was from previous treatments of too much radiation and chemo from 35 years ago. I decided to get treated at MD Anderson, the leading cancer research center in the country. I got the best doctor and got surgery. I was put on Iodine131 I was so sick; you can’t imagine how sick one gets from these cancer treatments. I had a 3 month check up and then a 6 month check up. After my 6 month check up in April my doctor said that I would have lung cancer due to spots I already had. He told me he would see me after Christmas to treat me for lung cancer.

Dave called me in May and told me I needed to look into cannabis. It didn’t click until then. It is very difficult for people our age due to social stigma and family views to cross the bridge to medicate with cannabis. I have had many friends die from cancer from telling me they couldn’t and wouldn’t cross that bridge to this alternative medicine. My intention for using this medicine was to stay alive. Dave put me on a 15:1 high CBD oil, THC oil and THCa patches. One thing I’ll tell you about cancer is it’s the gift that keeps on giving – it’s like pulling up to a fueling station again and again. We think we are cured but we’re not. This is why I continue with the cannabis dosing to this day.

One more thing to add about my surgery and cannabis is I was also pre-diabetic taking the drug Victoza. After my surgeries for cancer my body would go into shock to 320-450 and I was put on insulin and metphormin. After using cannabis I have been able to cut my diabetes medication in half.

To this day I still use cannabis for quality of life and to enjoy a longer life. I smoke a bowl 5x
a week, I use a quarter of the THCa patch and the 15:1 high CBD oil with a dose of two 1/10 milileters 4x a week. If I do two 1/10 milileters of the high CBD oil per day I do get a buzz. The oncologist at MD Anderson gave me 1 ½ years to live and here I am 2 years later. He also put on my report that my cancer is stable (staying status-quo) and that I am on a cannabis treatment. Trill Alternatives service is excellent. I have been to other places and have seen what else is out there, the options are so small compared to what Trill has and they have the best prices. I will continue to use cannabis exclusively.

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