63 YEAR OLD FEMALE Medical Cannibis Chronic Pain

What is your diagnosis? What is the date of diagnosis? Please describe your ailment, and include your reason for medication:

Chronic pain secondary to 4 spine surgeries (discectomy and fusion at cervical spine (levels 4-7) Osteoarthritis at levels adjacent to fusion Pain was disabling – unable to work or enjoy social activities

How were you introduced to Cannabis as medication? What was your intention or goal in choosing Cannabis?: A friend told me about CBD and its’ potential to treat pain
Has Cannabis contributed to reducing or weaning off any prescription medications?

Please explain:

ABSOLUTELY!! I have reduced medications dramatically including narcotic medications. I anticipate further weaning off ALL regular medications and only taking if my pain is exacerbated by overdoing it (for instance lifting objects that are too heavy).

Please describe your experience as a patient at Trill. Were you provided with necessary knowledge to make decisions about which products to choose? Were different options provided for you?

Did you feel comfortable? Is there anything we could have approached in a better way?:

Trill has been professional and with great knowledge with respect to product use and
recommendations. I have been continually treated with respect and am confident that there is ongoing expansion of knowledge of medical use for cannabis and its derivatives.
What Cannabis products from Trill have worked for you? What different options have you tried (i.e. smoke, edible, patches)? How/why did these products work, or not work, for you?

Please explain indetail and include why the Cannabis meds that you are using work best for you:

After adjustment and personal “clinical trials” I have found the following regimen very helpful and hypothesize the manner in which each helps:

CBD Patch (Mary’s Medicinals) – pain reduction
CBDa:THCa patch (Trill and Mary’s Medicinals) – muscle spasm reductions
THCa – (Mary’s Medicinals) muscle spasm reduction

How has Cannabis helped you? What improvements and/or relief did you experience? Please explain:

Cannabis has absolutely improved my quality of life in every aspect. Instead of being bed-ridden up to three days per week because of pain, I have returned to part-time practice (physician) and have resumed an enjoyable social life. My family is amazed at my improvement.

Did you experience side effects of Cannabis medications? Do you feel that Cannabis is a safe medication?:

I have not noticed any side effects. The length of time cannabis has been in use without any reported unsafe effects in the medical literature has me convinced that it is safe.
If you could describe your experience with Cannabis in just a few statements what would you they be?:

I am incredibly grateful for the dramatic, POSITIVE effect that these compounds have had on my life after trying to find relief via conventional Western Medicine treatments (injections, medications too numerous to mention, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, multiple second opinions)

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