64 Year Old Claude – Cancer – Medical Cannabis

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer with symptoms of abdominal pain, weight loss due to lack of appetite and nausea. I was diagnosed in November of 2016 and am currently undergoing chemotherapy.

I was introduced to the concept of cannabis through local and national press. My cancer doctor told me about Trill and they were a great help in defining what cannabis can do for me. Cannabis has replaced all of my prescription medications. I was taking pills for pain and nausea but both had side effects. THC cannabis works better for me and increases my appetite so I have stopped losing weight. I am currently using CBD oil, flower and THC edibles.

The folks at Trill are great! I worked with Ally and she provided a lot of alternatives such as edible oil, patches, etc. She really knows her stuff.

I am using CBD oil to fight the actual cancer cells and a combination of THC cannabis including edibles, flower, etc. to help with my side effects and symptoms.

CT Scans show a large improvement since November. Some cancer spots on my liver have actually disappeared. When I eat or smoke THC products my nausea and pain are better and I am hungry. I experienced no side effects with my cannabis medication.

I am hugely better since November. I told my partner that I almost feel like my old, normal self. Truthfully, I did not expect much from cannabis but figured I had nothing to lose. My diagnosis was terminal – within a year. Now I’m doing so well one year seems very unlikely. I think everyone with medical issues should look into this plant.

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