74 YEAR OLD – Cancer – Medical Cannabis

Mr. Bush 2016

My father was diagnosed in October 2013 with Stage IV bladder cancer, a very rare form – micropapillary. We were told only 1% of bladder cancer diagnoses are this particular variant which is very aggressive and considered incurable. He had radical cystectomy (surgical removal of the bladder & surrounding lymph nodes) on 1/23/14 because the cancer was found to have invaded beyond the superficial bladder tissue & into the muscular layer of the bladder. Unfortunately, 4 of the 12 lymph nodes removed also contained cancer, thus requiring a systemic treatment. This was followed by radiation treatments to the pelvic region from March to April 2014. Then followed by 4 rounds of
cisplatin & gemzar chemotherapy from May to September 2014. He was cancer free until reappearance of bladder cancer in a lymph node in the abdominal region that was diagnosed November 2015 and treated with 5 radiation treatments in December 2015. Decided to try cannabis as natural cancer fighting agent.

We had heard about cannabis prior to the recurrence of the bladder cancer but opted to try using it as a serious alternative to chemotherapy in December 2015 after reading many testimonials of its benefits online.

Meeting Ally was a God send. She is the most kindhearted and knowledgeable person with regards to cannabis as cancer treatment. Prior to our consultation she sent us some very informative articles and videos to watch in order to educate us as to how cannabis actually works to fight cancer, among other health properties it possesses. Upon meeting her, she was very compassionate and understanding about our situation. She directed us to the strains that would best help for this particular diagnosis. Ally also shared the fact that she was able to help her father treat himself by using cannabis for his cancer.

This was very inspirational. My father was recommended to take the 10:1 oil as it is high in CBDs. He was also given patches containing THC to gradually bring his THC levels up so that ultimately the CBD to THC ratio is 1:1, which is desirable to treat cancer.

Ally recommended using the oil in a capsule form and starting out with just a miniscule dose each day to begin, which amounted to about 65mg of the CBD & 6.5mg of the THC per dose. Ally said as my dad could tolerate the THC, more should be added gradually to
where the ultimate plan was to have a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC in a daily dose of 120mg per day. This is the recommended therapeutic dose for fighting cancer. We add the 10:1 oil into capsules with a little coconut oil. At this stage, my dad is currently at 2 capsules per day which is the proper CBD dose. He’s still using the THC patches to bring his levels up to eventually be the 120mg dose. Our next step will be to add THC oil to the capsule of 10:1 oil to get the ratio at 1:1.

At this stage we’re waiting to see how this affects his next PET scan which should be in a couple of months. It would be great if there were no evidence of any cancer due to the cannabis use. I have told his doctors he’s using cannabis & they don’t have a problem with it, but I can tell they are skeptical that it will help him. We hope to prove them wrong.

My father feels fine using the cannabis. Especially after adding a 250mg dose daily of Citicoline, which Ally recommended for offsetting some of the high feelings the THC was causing. This has worked very well for my dad. If anything, he feels more relaxed.

By using the 10:1 oil and the THC patches, my father has not felt any different than before. He never had any pain with his cancer. He never had any adverse side effects from his cancer treatments. He has tolerated everything very well. As mentioned earlier, we’re slowly working up the THC dosage to be equal to the CBD dose he’s currently taking & with the Citicoline, I believe this will be achievable and thus put him at the recommended level of 120mg per day of both CBD & THC so we can kill the cancer in his body that we suspect is there, but just can’t be picked up on a scan yet.

Cannabis has shown so much promise in the treatment of cancer and there are thousands of people out there who have used cannabis to not only treat cancer, but a variety of other medical ailments as well. I personally know several people who are cancer free today because part of their treatment regimen includes cannabis. Because my father was given a diagnosis of a stage IV incurable cancer does not mean that we will go forward without a fight. We will throw everything at this that we can. We are inspired by those who have gone before who have used this natural form of chemotherapy to cure themselves of this disease. We hope to be yet another success story for cannabis & are so thankful to have found Trill to help guide us on this journey.

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