How to Find the Best Medical Dispensary in Denver

Best Medical Dispensary in Denver...How Do I Find It?

With so many dispensaries to choose from in Colorado how do you know you’re going to the best medical dispensary in Denver that fits your needs?

At Trill Evolutions we offer a free consultation, where we sit down with our customers, returning and new, in a private room and go over what their needs are once we understand what the customer is trying to achieve by using medical marijuana. Whether it’s pain management, sleep problems or fighting cancer, we can then educate our customer about the wide range of products that we carry to best fit their lifestyle or needs. After having consulted with thousands of customers in our free consultation program we at Trill have come up with a straight-forward way to explain to our customers in terms that they will understand how THC will make them feel. One way we do that is using an analogy. We will ask the customer “Do you drink?” We will then ask them “…If you have one drink are you drunk?” 95% of the time that answer is No I am not drunk after 1 or 2 drinks. Just like with THC if you ingest small amounts of THC and wait to see how you feel (45 mins to 1.5 hours) before you take a second dose we can figure out what the customers THC tolerance is to make sure you never feel out of control or too high. The number one concern we get from our customers is that they do not want to lose control or be too high.

Back to the question how do you find the best medical dispensary in Denver?

You must ask yourself are you getting a complete understanding of the products you’re using and getting the best possible results with your cannabis program? If not please set up your free consultation at Trill Evolutions today @

David Threllfall, Trill Cannabis Centers

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