Time To End The Pot Stigma


Time To End The Marijuana Stigma

As the owner of Trill Cannabis Centers one of my main goals is to help educate people with the safe use of Cannabis. At Trill we offer a free consultation https://trillalternatives.com/consultation/ for people who want to use this plant to help treat what’s ailing them, but first we must get over the stigma about cannabis.

What is the definition of the word stigma?  A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. Synonyms: Shame, Disgrace, Dishonor.

Many times, when I am traveling people ask me what I do, and I tell them I am in the cannabis business. Many look at me and say what is that? This is when I have to start using slang words to get my point across, words like Weed, Mary Jane, Ganja, then after they’re like “oh you’re in the Pot Business?”. The reality is no I don’t sell pots I sell cannabis to people who are using it for a variety of reasons like treating cancer, chronic pain, sleep problems, seizures and epilepsy. I then hear things like “how can you treat these things by blazing a doobie, or spiff”?  That is the stigma we in the cannabis business need to over come and we can do that by educating people about the many health benefits of Hemp / CBD & micro dosing THC you can get the therapeutic effects without getting high. When our customers have success using pot to treat their problems I ask them if they are willing to write a testimony and most are willing, but they don’t want their name used because of the stigma. Should you feel shame, disgrace or dishonor because you use this plant to treat what ails you?

5 Common Misconceptions About Weed:

  • Marijuana is a gateway drug – Very inaccurate and a myth.
  • Cannabis is addicting – Depends on how someone defines “addicting”.
  • Smoking makes you a bad person – Smoking does not make you a bad person.
  • “Doing Weed” kills your brain cells – That statement killed my brain cells.
  • THC makes you fat – Nope. What you eat might, though.

If you are using cannabis to improve your life I urge you to have an open and honest conversation with your friends and family in order to end the stigma about cannabis!



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