This is testimony from one of our patience’s using Mary’s Medicinal Transdermal Patches for seizures.

Monday 06/16/14
1st dose; 8:45 am (1/2 patch CBD only)
The initial onset of the medicine has become a bit more vague in it’s onset time. I don’t actually feel it working itself into my system as with past dosages, as much as I notice that after 15 minutes or so, that I begin to feel an overall sense that the CBD’s are working and the anxiety and the physical side of things are either beginning to, or are already counteracted. This dose, as with several others that are discolored, or appear as striped, seem to lose both adhesion and medicinal strength rather quickly. I began to feel pain returning after about 3 hours, and shortly after I noticed this,(20 minutes +/-­‐) the strip lost adhesion and fell off.

2nd Dose; Noon (1/2 strip CBD only) This is the other half of the discolored strip. Felt mild pain relief, and good anxiety relief within 20 minutes. This strip only lasted about 90 minutes before it lost adhesion and fell off Anxiety relief was good throughout the dosage though 3rd dose; 4 pm (1/2 strip CBD/THC) Felt this patch in my system! Relief inside 10 minutes Great relief from stress and also the pain in ankles and wrists! Duration of almost 5 hours. I waited until I started to feel anxiety and pain before re-­applying. Fell asleep at 10 before I could apply for the night. Slept 5 hours and woke in a lot of pain.

Tuesday 06/17/14

1st Application; 6:45 am (1/2 THC/CBD) Felt relief inside of 15 minutes and went about starting my morning Spent about an hour stretching to help w pain relief. Duration of around 4 hours 2nd application; 4 pm (1/2 CBD/THC) Had a very busy and stressful day. Didn’t get to re-­‐apply until long after the 1st dose had worn off &was in a great deal of pain when I did get to this dose. Took almost 30 minute before I felt relief from pain and anxiety.
Once it did take, the relief was great and the duration was almost 4.5 hours 3rd Dose; 8:30 pm (1/2 CBD only) Approximately 30 minutes to take hold. Fell asleep within an hour
after taking

Wednesday 06/18/14

1st application; 10 am (1/2 cbd only) Onset within 15 minutes Felt great stress this am and yesterday. Have to move from house on 2 weeks notice and stress level is really high.
The very best part about these patches , the CBD’s and this method of intake into the system, is the fact that they allow me to not only not stress myself into a seizure event, but they help me to continue to function normally so that I may help myself when these situations arise. Duration of around 4 hours

2nd application; 5:45 pm (1/2 CBD/THC) Felt the onset of this dose b/c I am so tired and stressed that I really re-­‐applied when I began to notice myself running with sweat and my anxiety at an unmanageable level. Relief within 15 mins. Noticed that when I ate just after application, that I felt better faster. I fell asleep before re-­‐applying

Thursday 06/19/14

1st application 7 am (1/2 CBD only) Another discolored and striped patch
Relief from anxiety inside 20 minutes, but am very very sore from extra activity yesterday.
Duration of around 4 hours

2nd application; 6 pm (1/2 CBD/THC) I’m exhausted. Spent the day on my bike looking for housing. Felt better mentally inside 20 minutes but body is hurting bad. I fell asleep around 8:15-­‐ 8:30, slept for 4 hours and woke w muscle cramps.

Friday 06/2014

1st application 5:30 am (1/2 THC/CBD) I wanted to wait for normal scheduled dose time, but couldn’t. Too much pain and anxiety Relief enough to get up and stretch and eat inside of 40 minutes Otherwise, I just try to lie still, relax against the muscle cramps, drink water and pray for no seizures until medicine takes hold. Blessed relief and mental calm returning inside 40 minutes Thank God-­‐ back at it for another day!

2nd application 2:45 pm (1/2 CBD)

Felt this one inside of 15 minutes Believe that its due to the increase in total body stress Great mental relief that has allowed me to work on stretching until the pin goes to a level that allows me to function 3rd application 8:45 pm (1/2 THC/CBD) Discolored and striped patch ‐Felt moderate relief inside 30 minutes-­‐fell asleep shortly after. ~This is the start of an incredibly stressful time until I can find new housing. If not for this medicine, I feel reasonably certain that another seizure event would have occurred. And I would be in real trouble then!

It’s very important to me to try and express my gratitude and love for you for providing me with something that has quite literally saved me from another seizure event during this ridiculously stressful time. And who knows how severe the next one will be. It could turn me into a vegetable, or put me in a wheelchair or just kill me outright. Each day for me is such a gift, and Dave, you and Mary’s have given me the gift of many seizure-­‐free days!

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