What to Expect on Your First Visit to the Dispensary – FAQ’s

Going To A Dispensary For The First Time

Going to a marijuana dispensary for the first time can be a little intimidating. Get familiar with the rules, procedures, and expectations before you check in to get the most out of your legal marijuana shopping experience.

Is Marijuana Legal in Colorado? If So, How Old Do You Have to Be to Purchase Marijuana?

In January 2014, it became legal for adults over the age of 21 to purchase, use, and possess marijuana products in the state of Colorado. Amendment 64, the initiative that amended the state constitution to allow recreational use, also mandates licensing requirements for stores that carry these products. Medical marijuana is also legal for registered medical patients residing in Colorado.

What is a Dispensary?

Gone are the days of doing shady deals with strangers in dark parking lots. In the state of Colorado, marijuana can be purchased through a dispensary. A dispensary is a store that has undergone the licensing process to become a legal distributor of cannabis-containing products. Depending on the location of the dispensary, it may sell recreational or medical marijuana, or a combination of both. For those without a state-issued Medical Marijuana card, you’ll want to find a dispensary that offers recreational marijuana. It’s important to note that consuming marijuana products on dispensary property, or in public, is not allowed.

Do I Need a Card to Get In?

The only card you need to get into a recreational dispensary is a valid, government-issued ID that proves you are 21 years of age or older. Passports, out-of-state licenses, and military IDs are acceptable too. For access to some of the more potent products, medical patients will need to have their state-issued medical marijuana registry card with them.

How Much Can I Buy?

The law allows adults to purchase up to 28 grams, or roughly one ounce, of marijuana product per visit. This is equivalent to 8 grams of concentrate (like shatter, wax, or budder) or edibles containing 800 mg of active ingredient. Buyers can mix and match until they reach their limit. Your budtender can help you figure out the right combination of products to keep you within your daily limits. Medical patients may purchase up to their doctors recommendation, but the general limit for registers medical patients is 2 ounces.

Can I Take Marijuana on a Plane or Train?

Short answer: No. Marijuana is still considered illegal on a federal level. Those caught attempting to take products across state lines may be subject to severe fines and possible imprisonment. Don’t try to drive your stash across the border either. Most of the states surrounding Colorado are fairly hostile to marijuana consumption. It’s not uncommon for vehicles and passengers to be searched on interstate roads. Also, mailing your extra goodies home is a violation of several US Postal codes and federal laws.

Please note that marijuana is subject to the same open container laws as alcohol. The product is not allowed to be transported on Colorado roads in the passenger area of the vehicle. Place sealed containers in the trunk to avoid problems during traffic stops.

How Do I Pay for My Purchase?

As with all retail purchases, cash is gladly accepted at all Colorado-area dispensaries. Stop by an ATM before you reach the store to avoid exorbitant machine fees. Due to continued issues with banking regulations and the marijuana industry, many dispensaries do not accept credit or debit cards. However, there is usually an ATM on-site for your convenience. Trill accepts debit cards, and we have ATMs on site at our locations.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Each shop has different rules and procedures, but here is a rough guide of what to expect on your first dispensary run.

  • In the lobby area, you’ll be greeted by a receptionist. They will check your ID to ensure that you are able to legally purchase marijuana products. If everything checks out, you’ll be given a place in line.
  • Eventually, you’ll be called into the budroom. This is a marijuana wonderland! Displays of whole buds, edibles, and useful paraphernalia let you explore the possibilities before committing to a purchase.
  • Your assigned budtender will assist you with your purchase. These experts can answer your questions about dosage, potency, and the best strains for certain effects. Take advantage of their knowledge and ask all your marijuana-related questions.
  • Once you make your decision, your budtender will place your purchases into a resealable, child-proof bag. Your payment will be completed, and you will be free to enjoy your products in your home or private residence.

Trill Cannabis Centers offers high-quality marijuana products in Boulder and Denver. Check out our selection online or contact us for answers to your marijuana-related questions.

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