Mary’s Year-Long Journey with Cancer

Mary was diagnosed with brain cancer in February, 2014. She had an MRI that showed 3 lesions. In the middle of March, she had a second MRI that showed the lesions had grown by about double. She was scheduled for and had surgery on May 15th. They were able to remove all three lesions during the surgery. They also had to remove a portion of her brain to get to the lesions. She was in the hospital for four days. The lesions were sent to two different labs for evaluation. The diagnosis was gliblastoma multiforme, a very rare and aggressive type of brain cancer. After about two weeks recovery time, she started radiation and chemotherapy. She had radiation everyday, Monday through Friday for 35 sessions. At the same time, she took an oral chemotherapy pill everyday that she had radiation. At the end of this treatment, she had six weeks rest and then started a stronger dose of the oral chemo that she would take one pill a day for five days. She would do this each month for six months. During this time she had visits with her oncologist once a week with blood tests to insure her blood counts were not dropping too far.

When Mary was diagnosed with GBM, Jeff,a very good friend of ours, began researching the use of cannabis with various cancers. A friend of his directed him to Trill Alternatives. He went in and spoke tone of the employees who directed him to their website. Jeff read many of the research reports and then told me about what he was researching. I went to the website and then to a number of the links from the website. It was something that interested me and we were open to try new ideas. We discussed it with our Radiologist, our Oncologist and Mary’s regular doctor. The radiologist cautioned that we should not start any cannabis until after the radiation was finished because it could interfere with the radiation. Other than that all of them agreed that it was something to investigate and were not against it at all.

We then went to Trill and talked to David Threlfall. Mary and I were both completely ignorant about pot, hemp, cannabis or any of the types, uses, forms or anything else having to do with it. I had tried pot once when going to CU in the late 60’s and that was my total experience and knowledge. David explained what the various items we should be looking at. He explained the advantages and disadvantages of the oils we should consider. He gave us research pamphlets and more links to research. He told us how to apply for the needed Red Card to be able to purchase product in a medical marijuana facility.

Once the radiation was finished, we went back to Trill and purchased the recommended oils. David and his staff were very pleasant and helpful. They recommended the oils needed. They were very explicit in what the side effects for each oil would be. They directed us on how much to take to start with and how to slowly build up to the desired level. We purchased about a month’s supply each time we went in. Each time we discussed the dosage Mary was taking and how the cannabis was affecting her. As new products were available, David would recommend changes if he thought they would be better for Mary. He suggested we reduce the dosage at one point because Mary was doing swell and he felt that a smaller dose would do just as well. We have taken his advice at every step. He has been very helpful for both Mary’s progress and helping to keep the cost under control.

Mary had another MRI in October and a CT scan a week later. Both came back completely clean. There was no sign of lesions or nodules (which they actually expected to see). She had another MRI in February and again it was clean. We have had amazing care from all of Mary’s doctors, the hospital, the cancer center and from Trill. I don’t know what effect each procedure has had on Mary’s progress but the combination of the three (radiation, chemo, cannabis) has been working to this point and we are not going to change anything as long as it is working. We are so thankful for all of the support we have received from all quarters; friends, family, health professionals and Trill. Thank you all from both of us.


Hi David, Mary is progressing very well. Her last MRI and CT scan (in April 2015) came back completely clean. We are maintaining the dosage of cannabis that you had recommended. I am giving her a capsule twice a day filled with 2 units of THC-a oil and 2 units of Harliquin oil.


Mary had an MRI on July 30,2015 and a mammogram on August 5. We had a meeting with her surgeon yesterday. All of the tests came back completely clean. All of her doctors are amazed at how well she is doing. The doctor yesterday said she is doing swell she can’t even be classified as cured, in remission, or cancer free. Because of the aggressiveness of this cancer there is no classification for no signs after this period of time.

She is on a very small amount of medication, mostly for anti-seisure (1/2 pill twice a day) and for nausea (one pill once a day). I am giving her THC-a and CBD twice a day. As long as we get this type of results, I am not changing anything! Thanks for your guidance and assistance since we have been coming to Trill.


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