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Colorado Boy’s Cancer Successfully Treated With Trill Alternative’s THC/CBD After Doctors Say Cancer Can’t Be Cured

BOULDER, Colo.September 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — At 16 years old, Braden Stevenson received a diagnosis of osteosarcoma, a malignant bone cancer, and immediately underwent surgery to amputate his leg and start chemotherapy. Read More

Why Colorado Tokers Love Christopher Wallace

Any cannabis user can attest to the nostalgic feelings brought on by music and a joint. Before the chorus even hits, a certain artist or song can have you yearning for the golden years, Read More

Budding Friendship: Doctor Credits Dispensary Owner for Cannabis Education

Since 2011, Dr. Rav Ivker has seen nearly 8,000 medical marijuana patients at his holistic medicine practice in Boulder. Over that same period, Ivker has been in steady contact with David Threlfall, Read More

Why Colorado Tokers Love Chocolope

After a week of nothing but clean, active highs from Lamb’s Bread and a few days off the flower during a family trip, going back to a strain with a lineage stretching further than a sequoia would’ve been too much for my simple mind to process. Read More

Almost Half of Highway Sponsorship’s in Colorado Backed by Pot Businesses

Of the 287 miles of Colorado roadway that are currently part of the state’s Sponsor a Highway program, 140 of them, or just under half, are being paid for by marijuana businesses. Read More

Medical marijuana dispensary review: Trill Alternatives in Boulder

Trill Alternatives is on the quiet end of Pearl Street in Boulder, next door to the Mountain Sun brewpub, and it’s definitely worth stopping by for your meds if you are a dispensary shopper. Read More