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“Overall, using cannabis has improved my pain and made it better, I can do more activities and my anxiety level has been better as so is my depression. I am happy to say this has made a huge difference in my life and I’m thankful to say it has helped my pain, anxiety, eating and nausea.”


“One of the biggest reasons I prefer using cannabis over pharmaceuticals is not only its effectiveness but the side effects are minimal and safe. The most that I have experienced is a sense of silliness, an increase in appetite and increase in energy or a need to sleep.”


“Cannabis has absolutely improved my quality of life in every aspect. Instead of being bed-ridden up to three days per week because of pain, I have returned to part-time practice (physician) and have resumed an enjoyable social life. My family is amazed at my improvement.”

23 Year Old with Chronic Pain/Sleep Issues

“After trying many different products, I’ve found that a heavy indica live resin (both Viola’s and The Lab’s) works extremely well for my insomnia. It’s a product I probably wouldn’t have tried if it had not been suggested to me during the sleep program, and I am able to quickly and easily fall asleep and stay asleep most nights with just a small dab right before bed.”

49 Year Old Male with Chronic Pain/Migraines

“I was very pleased at the willingness of the staff to provide me options to explore while also providing me the peace-of-mind that I was not doing anything unusual or of harm to my conditions. The approach of starting with a doctor’s advice, moving on to a detailed history and followed by a series of follow-up consultations allowed me to feel at ease with the process. I was not and do not smoke marijuana for recreational needs, however I do use cannabis-based medicines from Trill to reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety with great success.”


Member of Trill Alternative

Thank you so much for the cannabis juice you gave me last week. I suffer from vertigo spells as well as pain, nausea, and tinnitus. These are brought on by the damage done to my balance tubes in my inner ear caused by recurring tumors called cholesteatomas.

I can no longer drive because traveling in a vehicle brings on the spells. Since I started using medical marijuana I have found that it not only helps with all the symptoms (except the tinnitus), it helped immensely with my appetite. I am 6’4” and my weight had gotten down to 165 lbs. It was an unhealthy weight for me, as I struggled daily teat.

Although I am now on a salt-restricted diet I now weight between 185 & 190 lbs, and feel much healthier.

I found that the juice I sampled would be an excellent product for my needs, especially when I have to travel.

For a dosage I drank half a plastic cup (1oz?) mixed with 6oz of H2O. Approximately 1 hour later I took a nap on 4 of the 6 days. I have a pretty high tolerance and I liked strong dosage capabilities t“knock me out” for long rides in cars.

The effects seemed to last for 8-9 hours

-Mike, 44

Member of Trill Alternatives
T.H.Seeds – Unknown Haze (Mexico x Columbia x Thailand x India) x Unknown Afghani
In my experience, SAGE grows like a Sativa (bigger nugs, long & skinny leaves), but these flowers look more Indica in growth pattern (“pine tree” shape).
The flowers are well cured, with an impressive trichome and pistil content. They are a lovely soft green in color, covered in a fuzzy blanket of frosty crystals and vibrant orange hairs.

Very pretty – Good “Jar” Appeal
Upon a more thorough inspection, I did find some signs of stress – What I call “Hard Spots” – Parts of the flower that tried to seed out but didn’t and form small pockets of harder than average material. Usually formed by some sort of stress in their growth environment. These don’t shock me, as putting the plants into the extreme sensimilla state that we din the grows is in itself a stress, and its been ridiculously hot, another major stress. It’s not something that an Average Joe would even notice, and generally doesn’t affect overall potency or smoke quality.


Piney, Sandalwood, followed by Sweet Citrus, with a bit of Diesel on the end.
Sorta reminds me of the actual plant, Sage. Makes me think of hiking thru the California High Desert Forest after a rainfall (lots of shrubs and wild sage everywhere, with the occasional stunted tree – somehow this qualifies it as a ‘forest’ haha).
Lovely turpenes that have been well preserved in the curing process.


(Vaporizer) – Mild, creamy citrus, followed by diesel, finishes with a sweet hint of vanilla.
(Bong) – Mild, creamy citrus, finishes with diesel.
(Pipe) – Sweet citrus, followed by smoky diesel.
Pronounced without being too overwhelming.
Very palatable and tastes cleanly grown, n“detergent” or chemical aftertastes.


Recently I’ve had major insomnia at night and hypersomnia during the day, so my sleeping patterns have been all screwy. Also, I’ve been battling severe eye & head pain/inflammation, so I’m very “slow” lately and very sick – dizzy, nauseas, lots of GI issues. Starting the day off with SAGE is always a pleasure, especially when you’re dizzy, nauseous, or stiff/sore…and I’m all three this morning. I pack my VaporBrothers vaporizer and smoke a bong load while waiting for it to preheat. I feel immediate relief from the cool, thick smoke, but my symptoms are nwalk in the park, so I start puffing on the vapor bowl. It lasts forever! Over a dozen hits. This is always a sign of good quality herb, the less potent flowers tend to not last as long in the vaporizer. Since I’m writing a detailed review of this strain, I pack a bowl in my glass pipe as well, but only need to take a few hits to get some final notes on taste before setting it down. I feel alleviated of my symptoms, but am mentally sharp… in fact, more so than before I smoked – similar in personality to the Flo strain. They don’t call it Sativa Afghani Equilibrium for nothing!! I remember now why I fell in love with SAGE when I first encountered her last year. And since my symptoms are more severe today than they were at that time, I find this strain more valuable than ever. It’s perfect for when you’re just waking up and trying to get over feeling like Death so you can maybe get the dishes done and Skype your Momma. This is a wonderful representation of the SAGE Hybrid!

Recommended Applications:

Headaches, Eye Pain/Inflammation/Glaucoma, GI issues, Dizziness, Nausea, Appetite Stimulation, Mild to Moderate Pain/Inflammation, Mood (Anxiety, Depression, Aiding Creativity, Stimulating Conversation in Social Settings)
Due tits stimulatory properties, SAGE is not recommended for insomnia, and those with Anxiety should probably first use it in a private setting to monitor its effects just in case it exacerbates the problem rather than alleviate it. Also, I’ve found it’s not as effective as a more Indica dominant strain for Moderate to Extreme Pain/Inflammation (primarily in those patients with higher tolerances).


Great Dispensary!

Been here twice now, both times the budtenders were very helpful and the bud was fantastic. Just vaporized some of their NYC diesel and wow! It is a majestically stony high. The weekday prices are reasonable, but on the weekends they are amazing 160$/oz flat for amazing herb. Definitely check this place out.

The Best Bud in town!!!

Trill is the BOMB, they have the best bud, best member pricing and deals and the most beautiful and knowlageable budtenders in all the land!!! KEEP IT TRILL


The very best part about these patches , the CBD’s and this method of intake into the system, is the fact that they allow me to not only not stress myself into a seizure event, but they help me to continue to function normally so that I may help myself when these situations arise.”

I eventually got to the point where I needed to make a decision: either I continue taking Lyrica and kill myself, or I stop and look for an alternative. I chose to look for an alternative. The choice I made was to try CBD oil for seizure control. I discussed this with my neurologist and he agreed with me about starting CBD oil as an anti-convulsant.”



Mary is progressing very well. Her last MRI and CT scan (in April 2015) came back completely clean. We are maintaining the dosage of cannabis that you had recommended. I am giving her a capsule twice a day filled with 2 units of THC-a oil and 2 units of Harliquin oil.”


It is very difficult for people our age due to social stigma and family views to cross the bridge to medicate with cannabis. I have had many friends die from cancer from telling me they couldn’t and wouldn’t cross that bridge to this alternative medicine. My intention for using this medicine was to stay alive.”

74 YEAR OLD Mr. BUSH 2016

“Because my father was given a diagnosis of a stage IV incurable cancer does not mean that we will go forward without a fight. We will throw everything at this that we can. We hope to be yet another success story for cannabis & are so thankful to have found Trill to help guide us on this journey.”

69 Year Old Female

…It was suggested as a help for nausea during chemo. I had only one session of chemo so strong I thought I would not survive. I did not take any prescription medication for nausea, only cannabis, and with cannabis I did not experience any nausea during chemo or afterwards.”

64 Year Old Claude

“Truthfully, I did not expect much from cannabis but figured I had nothing to lose. My diagnosis was terminal – within a year. Now I’m doing so well one year seems very unlikely.”


42-Year-Old Female
“I suffer from an unknown Auto-Immune Disease that attacks my own body with symptoms that mimic Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Fibromyalgia, Vertigo and Arthritis. Since I have been using this trifecta of THC, CBD and THC-A I have noticed about an 80-85% decrease in my pain levels.”