Where do I start? This plant has saved my life many times; more importantly, it has given me the opportunity to meet some incredibly compassionate and caring people – like the staff at Trill Alternatives.

I’d like to start my story by sharing some personal history. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my adolecent/adult life. When I was younger, I would run to ameliorate the anxiety; it was quite effective for many years. Unfortunately, as I got older ( we really don’t get old, right? ) my body could not take the pounding and I had to stop. I needed to find something else. That something else turned out to be what I didn’t need: alcohol and benzos. Although not an alcoholic, I was drinking heavily and relying on the benzos for sleep. Like any misdirected plan, I was heading into a brick wall at high speed. At the same time, my marriage was failing and I began having seizures.

After my first grand mal seizure, I was put on a litany of anti-convulsant medications; all of which had debilitating side effects. My neurologist refused to accept that my worsening depression and anxiety were related to her “medicines.” It was time for a change.

At this point, I should mention my seizures were occurring very infrequently – one, maybe two a year. I decided to take myself off of all my prescription anti-convulsants. This began a turning point in my life. I was in control.

My initial use of cannabis was with friends in a relaxed, and supportive environment. I quickly realized there was a plant available to me which could easily change my outlook, and move me into a world of feminine beauty and acceptance. This is one aspect of cannabis I truly feel has been instrumental in my healing: it has a feminizing quality to it. This property of cannabis has allowed me to slow down and look deeply inside myself for help. I believe much of the fear related to cannabis is centered around its feminizing quality.

I was now completely on board with cannabis, and became a regular consumer. My transition into the world of cannabis began in 2010. Although my mood and anxiety were improving, I continued to have seizures. I was stuck between the perverbial rock and a hard place. What to do?

I decided to give allopathic medicine one more try. I scheduled a seizure study with the Univ. of Colorado Neurology Department – Anschutiz campus. The purpose of the study was to attempt to induce a seizure and gather data about where the seizure activity was occurring. The neurology team was unsuccessful in inducing a seizure, but they were able to gather enough data to show my seizures were originating from my temporal lobes. Based on this new information, I agreed to try a new anti-convulsant – Lyrica. My neurologist started me at a very low dose, and told me to increase the dosage very slowly, and only as tolerated. I felt confident with my neurologist and with the approach I was taking.

At first I tolerated the Lyrica very well; only mild tiredness. As I slowly increased the dose, things started to get worse. I began to lose a sense of who I was. My depression got progressively worse and I began to feel suicidal. I continued with the dosing schedule in the hope the side effects would stabilize. No such luck.

I eventually got to the point where I needed to make a decision: either I continue taking Lyrica and kill myself, or I stop and look for an alternative. I chose to look for an alternative.

The choice I made was to try CBD oil for seizure control. I discussed this with my neurologist and he agreed with me about starting CBD oil as an anti-convulsant. The use of CBD oil has given me my life back in two important ways: 1. seizure control; 2. anxiety relief. Through my own research, I have come to realize my seizures have all been related to high stress points in my life. The ability of CBD to calm my anxiety and control my seizures is related to this synergistic effect. I have now been close to 8 months seizure free, with NO side effects.

One of the reasons I continue to shop at Trill is the quality of the medicine and the knowledge of the staff. I feel confident the information I receive at Trill is up-to-date and not being used to sell me more “stuff.” Everyone at Trill has become a friend, and most importantly, they are people who are in the cannabis business to help people; not the other way around. Thank you, Trill. You have helped me find a healthier and happier person!

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